A social evil of our society- Child labor

 The wealth of a nation is not so much in its of economical and natural resources but it lies more decidedly in the kind and quality of the wealth of its children and youth. It is they who will be the creators and shapers of a nations tomorrow. Nevertheless, millions of children between the ages of 5 and 17 in Nepal are deprived of their right to quality education , food and health services.

In many rural areas of Nepal, many children especially from indigenous communities , leave school to work. They are a cheap source of manpower. Some of them are being trafficked to India to employ them in circus and restaurants. Families living below the poverty line are forced to do the dangerous work to their children to maintain their homes. Many of them suffer from exploitation . Children’s are compelled to work to add a few more rupees to the meager income of the family. 

Illiteracy is another reason of child labor .Uneducated parents do not know the necessity of education and do not send their children to school regularly. There are other various reason for child labor they are Superstition, caste discrimination, inadequate education, and lack of awareness of society and parents , etc.

There were some of the news articles that were published on newspapers they are:

1. Published on April 30, 2021( The Himalayan Times)

1.1 million child laborers in the country. 3.3 percent of child laborers in urban areas involved in hazardous work. 

Despite gradual progress in reducing child labor, more than 15 percent of children in the country are still engaged in labor activities.

2. Published on  Feb 20, 2022 ( Republica )

Child labor rampant in the brick industry in Tulsipur.

Brick kilns in Tulsipur Sub-metropolis of Dang are found employing child labor .It has been found that there are around 350 child laborers working in the brick industries within the sub metropolis.

To sum up, child labor is a heinous crime. It hinders holistic development of the children. To eliminate child labor in the country mainly two things are required which are education and ample opportunities of employment. 


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