Father’s Day

Father, Mother and teacher are given the place of God in Hindu religion. Father is a teacher, protector and the Savior. Father’s Day is the day of paying respect once again to him.

Father’s Day is also known as Kuse Ausi or Pitri Tripani Ausi or Gokarne Ausi in Nepal. It is also commonly known as “Ba ko mukh herne din” where mukh herne din means to allow Someone as our relative or give respect or to recognize the achievement of someone. Kuse Ausi is on Bhadra Krishna Ausi where Ausi means no moon day.

When I was 5, my father went out of the country. So, after 5 I haven’t got to celebrate Father’s day.  Even though if I had celebrated before 5, I celebrated that day with my father without knowing the importance of it, without knowing the hardwork of my Dad. I just celebrated that day by knowing that day I will get to eat tasty sweets, foods, fruits, etc. It’s been more than 10 years that I have not got chance to celebrate Father’s Day with my Dad. 

It’s kind off sad to not have the opportunity of celebrating with your dad while others in the world are getting to experience their father’s day while having their father beside them. Each and every year on the day of father’s day I call my Dad to wish him.

I feel sad to see that my Dad is doing so much hardwork for his family. Seeing him getting old by doing hardwork for his family makes me sad because I can’t do anything for him. I am very lucky to have my Dad. He is a blessing in my life who always supports me and teaches me to do a lot of hard work. 

I just wish to celebrate my father’s day with him now and lastly happy father’s day to the father’s around the world. 

By- Shikha Thapa Magar

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