Forest Fire

 Forest Fire is a word given to fire starting or occurring in the woods and causing the trees and other vegetation on fire. Simply it is a term given to fire in jungles causing loss. It is a disaster caused by both human carelessness and naturally.Like any other disasters it only causes loss and harms everyone directly or indirectly.It occurs naturally during summer and dry climate.It can cause the loss of vegetation, animal extinction, misbalance in ecosystem or water cycle, loss of animal or human lives and properties, etc. Forest fire now -a-days is a common name. Most of the people must have heard it.It had recently been reported about the mighty Amazon on fire. Even huge forests in 
Australia had a huge loss due to forest fire. It is getting more common every day as it is very frequent. It is a shame on humanity because we can save the woods and save our lives but people don't seem to be affected yet.A lot of people around the world forget that living necessities are not only food,water,land and facilities,but also a nice environment.It has bad effects on other necessities such as lack of food due to vegetation loss, fire produces gases harmful for us to inhale, harmful gases mix in water or even mix with clouds which creates it to rain and fill up water sources with unhealthy water, etc.
        One day, during a jungle safari with me and my friends we saw trees on fire.As we went closer it seemed more and more dreadful. The guide who was with us told not to worry. I felt at peace but when he said that the fire was created by nature and will reduce itself I was at great shock.No body cared about it.I felt great shame because it is us destroying the nature but every one is suffering.
        We all are to be blamed. We hurt nature and ignore the fact we did anything to it. We think about different plans to help others and make the world a better place but don't put it in action. In process of just imagining we blame and tell others to change but don't change ourselves. So, we should take our own responsibilities and make sure to give no chance to others for blaming us. Help the name of Forest Fire vanish in the vast world of  peace.

By - Shisan Thapa Magar