Chocolates are very famous all over the world.It is liked by both children and adults.It gives sweetning taste to our mouth,it makes us happy when we are sad .It is a delicious product enjoyed whether children or older.It is a great foundation that keeps us joyful especially children.

Chocolates are of different shapes,sizes and feelings.Chocolates are of different companies like hersheys,kitkat,twix and snickers etc.All these chocolates have different flavours and feelings.Chocolates are even gifted as presents for parties and festivals etc.Chocolates are made from different things such as cocoa powder,sugar etc.Eating chocolates have both advantages and disadvantages.
       Some of its advantages are:
   It lowers cholestrol.
   It may prevent memory decline.
   Eating chocolate during pregnancy might benefit fetal growth and development.
       Some of its disadvantages are:
   It contains high saturated fat.
   High sugar content.
   Low in vitamins and minerals.
      Eating chocolates is good but we should eat chocolate by knowing its advantages and disadvantages.Chocolates can never be hated those who hate chocolates they don't know what is sweet.Chocolates are very tasty.Chocolates attracts children but the wrapper also attracts them.

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