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"संसारमा सबभन्दा मुस्किल काम आफूलाई सुधार्नु हो भने सबभन्दा सजिलो काम अरुको कुरा काट्नु हो ।" : - अज्ञात ... ..... "तिमी कुनै पनि उपहार दिएर नकिन, किनकी जब तिमी उपहार दिन छाड्छौ उनीहरु तिमीलाइ पनि छाड्ने छन।":- फुलर ..............."असल पुस्तक पढने मानिस खराब हुन सक्दैन।":-थोरो

Saturday, January 29, 2022

My father

       A Father is a male parent of the family who guides,loves and cares his children all through the life.He always acts as the pillar of strength and support for his children.We all know that fathers are the most important person in our life but we don't know that why is father so much important in our life.Father's are very important they are one and only man in our life whom we can trust blindly.We can share our father our secrets.Father's are one of our best friend ,real hero and one of the inspirational person.Father's though don't share us their problems we should understand in the same way how father's understand their children's problem.

       Our father is one of the important person in our life he is the first one who held us in his hand when we were born.Our father teaches us to walk,to be brave,and to be independent ,etc.He does whatever he can do for the success of his children.A father leaves his house and go to another country for earning money for the better facility of education and health of his family.A father hardly gets chance to talk with his children and family ,and hardly gets chance to come back to his home country.This shows how much a father is important in life and what can a  father do for the better facility of his family.Father is a real hero of our life.Our father has never scolded us and has take all our mistakes very easily and make me realize my mistakes very politely.

         Our Father is the world to us.He is our hero.He is the best.Everybody including us think their father is the best.Our fathers do everything to take care of us.A father would want his child to walk in the path that he wanted him/her to walk in.Our Father is an inspiration for us.We also wanna be a perfect and successful human being.Our father always wants us to go in a good way.They always teach us many good things.He is the person who teaches us our lessons.He is the one who tries to give all the love,care and efforts he can give to his child/children.He works for his and his family's livelihood.A Father always instructs his child/children to do good work,to be honest,to speak truth,never make other disappointed ,to treat everybody equally,he is the person who is always in your side,he is the person who always take cares of our needs.He is the one who is always thinking of you and always thinks for you or about you.

       My father's name is Dipak Thapa Magar. He is now 39 years old.He is very sweet and kind hearten person.He is sometimes strict but as people say the more our parents scold us the more they love us.Our father is so much valuable to us that  sometimes we have no words to describe him.We are so lucky 🍀 to have a father like him who always help us in our helpless time .Our father means the world 🌎 to us .We love our dad infinitely and miss him.
                                                                             🍁  PAPA  🍁
                                                                              🍀  BABA  🍀
                                                                                ☘️  DAD  ☘️